Jack_Avatar_Hofheim_Studio„Eye candy producer“ I’m digital matte painter / illustrator / editor and music composer for motion picture , TV , commercials, and game.

 Visual effects and miniatures started my  journey in the motion picture and TV industry where I worked as a motion control camera assistant and helped designing and building miniatures for motion picture and TV documentaries.

In the 90’s I switched to the digital realm, since then I edited a variety of movies, commercials & music clips. Digital matte painting, illustration, and miniature effects are my most prefered activities. Since miniatures seem like an endangered species, I like to keep it alive.

In the last years I also wrote and produced filmmusic for motion picture, TV, trailers, commercials and games and I do offer my experiance in finishing historic wardrobe. Recently I have finished my Sci-Fi feature film NYDENION

Thanks for visiting, Jack Moik

„Per aspera ad astra“

My illustration work is represented by the illustratoren Agent  www.illustratoren-agent.de

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